You Were Expecting Something Else?

At last I’ve managed to move into my new home on a semi-permanent level. I still have boxes to unpack, decorating to do, and a small mountain of books to read. Life is good.

I hope everyone had (and will still have) a wonderful holiday season. Mine was wonderful, having spent the season with my mom and step dad as well as visits from other family members. Plus I got great gifts, including a wonderful bookshelf to store all my review books and give more space to my other bookshelves.

In honor of the new year I’m going to just go ahead and spill my big news: I’M A REVIEWER! That’s right, people actually looked at this lowly little blog and decided they liked what I have to offer. My mind is still kind of blown by this but I’m thrilled all the same. I even got my first three review books in the mail yesterday. Sadly, the books I review for other sites are exclusive so what I review on here as well as what I review there will always be different.

Actually, that’s not ‘Sadly’ at all. That means more books and writing. More like… Time Consumingly.

And it will be. I’ve decided to try my hand at the elite skill on time management. My New Year’s Resolution was to write more and I intend to keep it. Too bad that means ALL types of writing and not just reviews for my blog. My hope is to squeeze in at least three posts/reviews for Preconceived Motions per month. All of this is still trial and error and if all goes well I’ll up the amount.

Cross your fingers but don’t hold your breath.

My husband is also expecting me to find a job in the near future. A PAYING job, since apparently being paid in books doesn’t count. But before that can happen he’s going to buy me an A to B car to get me by that I have to get used to. That and I need to get used to the quirks of New Jersey driving.

Right now there is snow, and a lot of it, piled up as high as walls on the roadsides and the occasional ice patch. Coupled with the fact that people in my town seem to take issue with left turns, it’s illegal to pump your own gas, and my paralyzing fear of highways I’ve got a long way to go.

I think I can handle it. I REALLY hope I can.


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